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Paddock Groomer and Smokey Goat Topping Mower

Diana uses and recommends the "Paddock Groomer" horse manure collector and the "Smokey Goat" Towable Topping Mower to maintain horse pastures and property. Both machines are proudly Kiwi made and easily towed by a quad bike. They work brilliantly together on horse properties and lifestyle blocks. They are sold throughout New Zealand and overseas.

See below for more info and follow the website links to go directly to each machine's own website for full details.



NO MORE FEELING OVERWHELMED looking at all the horse poo accumulating in your pastures. Now you can simply sit on your quad bike and clean up your paddocks once or twice a week, or as it suits you, using a Paddock Groomer!
Paddock Groomers are the EASY & EFFECTIVE Horse Manure Collectors.

Paddock GroomerPaddock Groomer

Proudly NZ Made, Eco-friendly, non-motorised pasture sweeper machines that are designed to be towed by a quad bike / ATV / ride-on / car etc, and effectively pickup horse manure and debris from paddocks to help maintain cleaner, healthier, tidier pasture for your horses.

Two models are available to suit different requirements:

For more details and order information go to:


The "Smokey Goat ATV Topper" is a professionally built and engineer designed New Zealand made Topping mower with a standard trailer hitch designed to be towed behind a quad bike/ ATV / car etc. It is the ideal topping machine for Lifestyle Blocks, Equestrian Facilities, Horitculture businesses and other properties that require the ability to keep large grassed areas topped and mown and paddocks neat and tidy - without the need for a tractor.

Smokey Goat Topping MowerSmokey Goat Topping Mower

Two different sizes are available - 1200mm wide and 1500mm wide.

Now you can:

  • Maintain Fast Growing Spring Pastures using your Quad Bike or ATV
  • Keep your Horse Paddocks and Lifestyle Property tidy
  • Control Grass Growth in Horticultural rows & next to fencelines
  • Top clumpy, stalky pastures
  • Limit weed growth
  • Improve overall pasture quality
  • Proudly NZ Made!

For more details and order information go to:


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