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Rider Coaching And Lessons at Chester Farm

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Rider coaching and lessons are available all year round (for riders with their own horses), and can be based either here at Chester Farm or at other locations by arrangement.
As well as one-off or regular private or group lessons, we also hold popular 2 and 3 day riding clinics and camps here each year through the spring, summer and autumn suitable for riders and horses of all ages and levels. (See Clinics & Camps page for further details on these.)

Riding Lessons at the Chester Farm all weather sand arena.

With a focus on building a strong foundation, we support and encourage riders to improve both their handling skills and riding skills to create clearer communication and a better relationship with their horse, thereby resulting in improved confidence, safety and performance. Whether you are a beginner rider just starting out, an adult returning to riding or seeking confidence, a pleasure rider, an advanced competition rider from any discipline or anyone else in-between, consolidating a strong foundation is the essential path to success.

Greg's pupils all enjoy his easy-going, professional, approachable coaching manner, excellent training methods and step by step approach that make his jumping and flatwork lessons suitable for children and adults, beginners through to serious advanced competitors from all disciplines.
Diana's positive, calm and encouraging approach is popular with riders of all ages and levels with her lessons incorporating a wide range of horsemanship groundwork, flatwork and jumping exercises from a unique "awareness" perspective that improves confidence, position and skill for any discipline.

A few words from recent lesson and clinic riders:
- "This clinic was amazing, I have come away with so much new knowledge and exercises to work on. I can't wait to get practising and come back for more. Thanks so much to you both for a fantastic weekend."
- "Thanks Greg for the great clinic and for breaking the learning down to a level we can all understand and go practise."
- "Thankyou so much to you both for your fantastic ongoing support and coaching, my competition results over the past season speak for themselves!"
- "We had a blast and none of us wanted to come home, lots to go onwards with at home and look forward to coming back in April."
- "What can I say but thankyou! The way you explained things rang so true for me and I feel I have progressed so much for just two days. The clinic was so professional, fun and encouraging. Thanks again."
- "Thankyou Diana for being such a huge part of my confidence with riding and getting my life going forward again".
"Thanks for such an awesome camp. We had a fantastic time and I am thrilled with our progress - from only ever having jumped a little crossbar once before to a whole course of fillers and walls within a couple of days was beyond my expectations. So much fun!"
- "Fantastic patience and actionable advice. Have a great way of explaining concepts in a simple way."

Chester Farm arena
Chester Farm arena surrounded by native bush, farmland and river makes for a very scenic lesson and camp location.


Greg is available for jumping lessons and clinics throughout New Zealand, with his professional knowledge and experience ranging from introducing young horses to jumping for the first time right through to top level Grand Prix competition. (See About Us for more info.)
Whether you and/or your horse are just learning to jump though to advanced horses and riders, Greg's very popular jumping lessons are based on establishing confidence of both horse and rider using a steady progression of exercises as they progress through the levels - covering everything from flatwork and ringcraft, polework and rider position through to higher level jumping exercises, and are suitable to help both showjumping, showhunter, eventing, pony club, hunting and pleasure riders alike.

Diana also enjoys working with jumping riders including horses/riders learning to jump and is a popular showhunter coach having spent much time and success in this sport producing her own young horses. Her jumping lessons usually include a good portion of gymnastic pole work / small jump exercises to help riders and horses of all levels work on their ringcraft, athleticism and control between fences.

As well as the arena and showjumps for training over, we also have a fun low-level Derby/X-Country course featuring logs, natural obstacles and fun cross-country jumps in a gently rolling paddock.

We hold regular one-off private jumping lessons as well as regular multi-day jumping clinics, specific showhunter clinics and intensive Showjumping Development camps throughout the year.

Jumping Lessons at Chester Farm - from horses and riders learning to jump through to advanced. All disciplines catered for.

Showhunter jumps and clinics.

Logs in the Derby / X-Country course.

We both enjoy helping adults and young riders gain confidence and progress through simple yet effective riding exercises helping to improve your position, focus, feel and general riding skills.
Diana's flatwork lessons provide a unique mix of dressage, horsemanship and creative thinking techniques to encourage riders of all ages to help develop more feel, control and confidence - "Awareness and Connection" is Diana's motto!

If you are an adult returning to riding and looking for assistance to get your confidence back, have a young horse ready to start progressing in basic flatwork, or you simply want to brush up on your dressage and flatwork skills for gaining better control, position or purpose to your pleasure riding or perhaps to help improve you and your horse prior to competition, these lessons are an excellent place to get you going and help you progress with confidence.
Young riders such as those coming off the lead-rein also welcome.

Flatwork Lessons are also a great way to improve your jumping by focusing on your postition, focus, rhythm, accuracy and ring-craft that all help greatly when riding around a course of jumps and Diana often uses poles to create fun, effective exercises useful for imprpving both your flatwork and your control for jumping.
Lessons can take place either in our arena or roundyard if required.

We hold regular one-off private lessons as well as regular flatwork clinics, young horse lessons and intensive Adult Rider Empowerment Camps throughout the year.

Flatwork lessons to improve your general riding skills, position, control and confidence.

Group and private flatwork lessons available, ideal for young horses and adults returning to riding / confidence building etc.


- Are you wanting to improve your general handling skills, bond, communication, control, respect and safety with horses, both on the ground and under saddle?
- Do you own a young horse and want to get it started on the right track?
- Are you having problems with your horse - inhand or ridden - and need some help?
- Looking for a new approach to understand how to get the best out of your horse?

Horsemanship Groundwork lessons instill respect, communication, safety and a better bond with your horse.

Diana's background and interest in horsemanship methods sees her Practical Horsemanship lessons bring forward a common sense, practical approach to various horsemanship exercises which will help enhance your overall horse handling skills on the ground and then progress to producing a calm, responsive, thinking horse under saddle that you can take on to enjoy for everyday pleasure riding or competition. Most problems with horses can be solved by going back to basics and using groundwork exercises. Plus it can be very addictive and lots of fun!

For anyone wanting to improve their everyday handling and riding techniques to create a better bond, communication and safety with horses, these lessons offer valuable advice for every horse owner and rider.
Lessons can take place either in our round yard or arena.


* Private On-Off Lessons at Chester Farm: NZ$75+GST (approx 1 hour)
* Group Lessons (2 - 5 people): NZ$65+GST per person (1 - 1.5 hours depending on numbers)
* Regular Private Lessons: Discounted, please enquire.

To organise a lesson please contact us via phone: 07 862 4567 (evenings - leave a message!) or email us:

We are also available to travel and provide instruction at your location.
Note: Chester Farm Clinics & Camps may have different fees as noted on the booking forms.

Also visit our Events Calendar page where you can view the current list of scheduled events as well as download booking forms etc.


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