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About Our Riding Clinics and Camps at Chester Farm

As well as ongoing private and group lessons, we also hold popular 2 and 3 day horse riding clinics and camps here each year through the spring, summer and autumn months suitable for riders and horses of all ages and levels. Bring your own horse or pony and make memories that last a lifetime!
(See the Events Calendar page to view coming Events including Clinics and Camps.)

Camp life at Chester Farm horse riding clinics and camps

Above: Adult Rider Empowerment Camp Feb 2017
Above: Horses & riders cooling off in the river after lessons during one of our summer riding clinics and camps.

Regular clinics and camps are open to everyone - children and adults, beginners to advanced - and involve riders being placed into small groups of 2 - 6 riders of similar level and participating in a lesson each day. Flatwork, Jumping and Horsemanship lessons are available at most clinics.
Camping onsite is welcome in our large camping paddock surrounded by farmland, native bush and river. Onsite facilities include toilets, showers, picnic area shelter, and permanent yards for horses to stay in.
Outside of lesson time people enjoy relaxing around the campsite and river, having fun riding around the Derby course, learning from watching other lessons, exploring local activities like bush walks and the bike rail-trail, and meeting other like-minded people! Non-riding family members and friends are also welcome to camp onsite with you or come to watch you ride.
These 2 and 3 day clinics offer fantastic opportunity for horses and riders to progress from consecutive lessons while also getting to enjoy a fun holiday away with your horse in a beautiful setting.

We have also developed two very unique 2 day clinics that are usually both run once or twice a year - a "Young Rider Showjumping Development Camp" aimed at aspiring young riders keen to progress in showjumping competition, and our "Adult Rider Empowerment Camp" which is a fantastic confidence building and personal discovery clinic for enthusiastic adult riders. These special camps involve two intensive full days including riding lessons, off-horse exercises, fun group activities, discussion groups, personalised workbooks and more. Both of these camps can also be held at any other location - please contact us if you would like to run one in your area!

NOTE: All lessons, clinics and camps at Chester Farm require you to bring your own horse or pony to ride. We do not have horses here for people to ride.

Bookings are required for all clinics and camps as places are limited, information and booking forms from all up and coming clinics are listed on our Events Calendar page.


Enquiries are welcome from Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, groups of friends or individuals interested in either holding one-off rallies/riding days here, holding your own private club camp here or coming to stay for a few nights, having lessons if you wish and using our facilities. See the Hire Our Facilities page for details.

Excellent facilities including permanent wooden yards for the horse to stay in.

Social BBQ and swims at our summer camps.

Riding Lessons and Horsemanship Groundwork Lessons at the Chester Farm all weather sand arena.

Having fun going around the awesome Derby course!

Chester Farm arena
Chester Farm arena surrounded by native bush, farmland and river makes for a very scenic lesson and camp location.


"Thanks so much for the wonderful time our club members and ponies had last week. Your facilities, activities and lessons were fantastic and everyone is still buzzing from the experience! "
Cambridge East Pony Club Camp, Jan 2018

"Great facilities, lovely waterhole. Everyone absolutely loved the lessons. Thoroughly recommend Chester Farm for your next pony club camp."
Mangere Pony Club, Jan 2018

- "Thanks for a great clinic and for breaking the learning down to a level we can all understand and go practise."
- "What can I say but thankyou! The way you explained things rang so true for me and I feel I have progressed so much for just two days. The clinic was so professional, fun and encouraging. Thanks again."
- "Amazing. Inspiring. Life changing!"
- "Thankyou Diana for being such a huge part of my confidence with riding and getting my life going forward again".
- "Fantastic patience and actionable advice. Have a great way of explaining concepts in a simple way."

- "This clinic was amazing, I have come away with so much new knowledge and exercises to work on. I can't wait to get practising and come back for more. Thanks so much to you both for a fantastic weekend."
A few recent Adult Rider Empowerment Camp Testimonials

"Emily and I so enjoyed it. I am particularly ecstatic about Emily's progress. (Beginner rider just coming off lead-rein.) We had hit one of those dreaded brick walls. With your kind encouragement Emily's confidence blossomed. The certificate really made her weekend. She struggles with confidence in a lot of areas so to have her determination to give it another go and her progress recognised has given her a real boost. Thanks again for all your hard work in making sure everyone had a lovely weekend."
Paula Vernon, Autumn 3 Day Clinic

"Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed all three lessons and it has given me a huge confidence boost with the new horse. I felt like we got better and better, and I feel like we are getting a good partnership going. Thanks so much to the both of you for the way you push us just enough to achieve more without scaring us to death!! Which means we come away with a great sense of achievement at the end of the lessons. Canít wait to come again!"
Diane Mumford, January Lesson Weekend

"We had a blast and none of us wanted to come home, horses all resting and enjoying their paddock space, lots to go onwards with at home and look forward to coming back in April."
Katie & Briar Bayes, New Year January 3 Day Clinic

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the weekend. I loved the lessons, Diana, and Iíve got the poles set out in the paddock to try out my newly learned exercises and to work on my position. Itís been a long time since Iíve had a group lesson; usually feel too self-conscious about my age and riding to bother. Your non-judgemental and positive coaching style meant that I didnít feel that way at all and created a wonderful learning environment. The welcoming and supportive attitude prevailed throughout the camp and everyone was just so friendly and fun. It made the camping a great experience. Well done on a great team effort. I can hardly wait for the next one!"
Carolyn Mincham, January 2 Day Lesson Weekend

"Thanks for such an awesome camp. Sylvester had a fantastic time and I am thrilled with our progress - from only ever having jumped a little crossbar once before to a whole course of fillers and walls within a couple of days was beyond my expectations. So much fun!"
Coral Morrison, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thankyou so much. Piper and I had a awesome time and have come away buzzing. We learnt heaps and are looking forward to coming to the camp in April to learn more. The kids loved having the river so close to cool off and swim with the horses. Thanks again."
Tania & Piper Gargan, January 3 Day Clinic

"I really enjoyed my flatwork lesson with you Diana, you have a lovely manner, and are so clear."
Anne Collumbell, January 3 Day Clinic

"Another great clinic. Connie appreciated getting out of the dressage arena and who would have thought she hadnt seen a jump in 4 months! Emma had a blast and really enjoyed the encouragement and company from the other riders. She learnt so much just watching the others at play not to mention her actual lessons. She was most proud of jumping the picket fence. Thanks for making a facility like this available. Its a real asset to you both and all that attend."
Diane & Emma Tetley-Jones, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thank you so much for another wonderful clinic and warm hospitality. I have learnt so much, enjoyed watching other people having their lessons and also had a great time chatting to other like-minded people and chewing over the successes and problems that horse ownership brings."
Ali Peacock, January 2 Day Lesson Weekend

"What an awesome way to see in the New Year - thankyou Greg and Diana!"
Sharon Cousins-O'Donnell, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thankyou soooo much!! Had a great time and have now gained alot of confidence in my new horse!"
Stacey Raynes, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thanks so much for the great 3 day weekend. It was a really good way to start the season. My horses are in such good spirits today, you'd think they'd been on an enjoyable holiday break....with great scenery, people and lots of other horses... which of course they were. Thanks again."
Cherie Jaques, Spring
3 Day Clinic

"Had a great weekend and made loads of progress. It all seemed to run so well!"
Paula Vernon, October 3 Day Clinic

"Thank you for the awesome clinic, and great photos thanks!"
Mandy Bryers, October 3 Day Clinic

"Thankyou very much for our weekend with you, it was a very enlightening weekend for both Donna and myself. Was an awesome way to get confidence. We loved your manner Diana, thanks again."
Alison Rawson, October 3 Day Clinic

"Rochelle and I had a fantastic weekend - thank you so much!"
Pauline Litherland, October 3 Day Clinic

"It was an awesome clinic! Highly recommended to anyone who has lost their confidence or has a green horse etc. Great instructors and great company, well worth the 5 hours drive for us to get there! We will be heading down for the next one in October...thanks guys!
Geraldine Butler,
April 3 Day Clinic

"Another great clinic thanks guys!! Really enjoyed it and such a great place to start with the new horse."
Diane Tetley-Jones, Autumn April 3 Day Clinic

"Another FAB camp. An amazing learning atmosphere and very professional. Both Diana and Greg deal with all aspects of riding and horses. We will be back again for the October camp. Thankyou to you both for all your amazing help and advice."
Kathie Brooks, April 3 Day Clinic


(LOTS more clinic photos on our Facebook page :

Adult's confidence booster lessons

Practical horsemanship lessons are fun and inspiring!

Camp life

Left: Young horse learning to jump. Right: Early morning scene at Chester Farm camp

Rriver fun making lifetime memories.

Jumping and flatwork lessons working on the basics to make great progress.

Adults returning to riding, gaining confidence and having a great time.

Log jumping and swimming in the river for something different outside of lesson times!

Arena all setup for the start of the Spring October 2013 clinic.

A group of young riders on first ponies having fun together, while Laura shows great style on the last day. October 2013

Greg keeps a watchful eye during a jumping lesson, April 2012.

Horses wait their turn for a lesson in the yards beside the arena, April 2012

Sonia in good form over the sunshine wall, April 2012

Melaney and young horse Luey, April 2012

Kathie and Gypsy doing polework exercises during a flatwork lesson with Diana, April 2012

Domino and Renee confidently jump over the red wall,
April 2012

Flatwork exercises for a Young Horse / Confidence Builder group, April 2012
Riding clinic and camp
Camping onsite during our riding clinics makes for a fun holiday with your horses!
Horse yards beside arena
Autumn colours surround during our Autumn clinic and camp held over easter weekend, April 2012
Advanced jumping lessons with Greg Jamieson
Greg discusses the finer points of riding technical lines with Cherie, April 2012

Enjoy a cool off in the river next to the camp site, great swimming hole and shallows for all ages to enjoy.

Groups of similar ages and levels make for fun lessons.

Fun in the river after lessons.

Flatwork lessons to help get you and your horse working confidently together.

Barney the boxer just loves making new friends!







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