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We are proud of our country-wide reputation and receive lots of great feedback from owners of horses we have trained or horses we have sold, as well as people who attend our lessons, clinics and camps... some recent testimonials are included below!


"Thanks so much for the wonderful time our club members and ponies had last week. Your facilities, activities and lessons were fantastic and everyone is still buzzing from the experience! "
Cambridge East Pony Club Camp, Jan 2018

"Great facilities, lovely waterhole. Everyone absolutely loved the lessons. Thoroughly recommend Chester Farm for your next pony club camp."
Mangere Pony Club, Jan 2018

A few recent Adult Rider Empowerment Camp Testimonials
- "What can I say but thankyou! The way you explained things rang so true for me and I feel I have progressed so much for just two days. The clinic was so professional, fun and encouraging. Thanks again."
- "Amazing. Inspiring. Life changing!"
- "Thanks for a great clinic and for breaking the learning down to a level we can all understand and go practise."
- "Thankyou Diana for being such a huge part of my confidence with riding and getting my life going forward again".
- "Fantastic patience and actionable advice. Have a great way of explaining concepts in a simple way."

- "This clinic was amazing, I have come away with so much new knowledge and exercises to work on. I can't wait to get practising and come back for more. Thanks so much to you both for a fantastic weekend."

"Thankyou soooo much!! Had a great time and have now gained alot of confidence in jumping bigger heights with my new horse!"
Stacey Raynes, January 3 Day Clinic

"Emily and I so enjoyed it. I am particularly ecstatic about Emily's progress. (Beginner rider just coming off lead-rein.) We had hit one of those dreaded brick walls. With your kind encouragement Emily's confidence blossomed. The certificate really made her weekend. She struggles with confidence in a lot of areas so to have her determination to give it another go and her progress recognised has given her a real boost. Thanks again for all your hard work in making sure everyone had a lovely weekend."
Paula Vernon, Autumn 3 Day Clinic

"Thanks so much for the great 3 day jumping weekend. It was a really good way to start the season. My horses are in such good spirits today, you'd think they'd been on an enjoyable holiday break....with great scenery, people and lots of other horses... which of course they were. Thanks again."
Cherie Jaques, Spring
3 Day Clinic

"Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed all three lessons and it has given me a huge confidence boost with the new horse. I felt like we got better and better, and I feel like we are getting a good partnership going. Thanks so much to the both of you for the way you push us just enough to achieve more without scaring us to death!! Which means we come away with a great sense of achievement at the end of the lessons. Can’t wait to come again!"
Diane Mumford, January Lesson Weekend

"We had a blast and none of us wanted to come home, horses all resting and enjoying their paddock space, lots to go onwards with at home and look forward to coming back in April."
Katie & Briar Bayes, New Year January 3 Day Clinic

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the weekend. I loved the lessons, Diana, and I’ve got the poles set out in the paddock to try out my newly learned exercises and to work on my position. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a group lesson; usually feel too self-conscious about my age and riding to bother. Your non-judgemental and positive coaching style meant that I didn’t feel that way at all and created a wonderful learning environment. The welcoming and supportive attitude prevailed throughout the camp and everyone was just so friendly and fun. It made the camping a great experience. Well done on a great team effort. I can hardly wait for the next one!"
Carolyn Mincham, January 2 Day Lesson Weekend

"Thanks for such an awesome camp. Sylvester had a fantastic time and I am thrilled with our progress - from only ever having jumped a little crossbar once before to a whole course of fillers and walls within a couple of days was beyond my expectations. So much fun!"
Coral Morrison, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thankyou so much. Piper and I had a awesome time and have come away buzzing. We learnt heaps and are looking forward to coming to the camp in April to learn more. The kids loved having the river so close to cool off and swim with the horses. Thanks again."
Tania & Piper Gargan, January 3 Day Clinic

"I really enjoyed my flatwork lesson with you Diana, you have a lovely manner, and are so clear."
Anne Collumbell, January 3 Day Clinic

"Another great clinic. Connie appreciated getting out of the dressage arena and who would have thought she hadnt seen a jump in 4 months! Emma had a blast and really enjoyed the encouragement and company from the other riders. She learnt so much just watching the others at play not to mention her actual lessons. She was most proud of jumping the picket fence. Thanks for making a facility like this available. Its a real asset to you both and all that attend."
Diane & Emma Tetley-Jones, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thank you so much for another wonderful clinic and warm hospitality. I have learnt so much, enjoyed watching other people having their lessons and also had a great time chatting to other like-minded people and chewing over the successes and problems that horse ownership brings."
Ali Peacock, January 2 Day Lesson Weekend

"What an awesome way to see in the New Year - thankyou Greg and Diana!"
Sharon Cousins-O'Donnell, January 3 Day Clinic

"Thank you for the awesome clinic, and great photos thanks!"
Mandy Bryers, October 3 Day Clinic

"Thankyou very much for our weekend with you, it was a very enlightening weekend for both Donna and myself. Was an awesome way to get confidence. We loved your manner Diana, thanks again."
Alison Rawson, October 3 Day Clinic

"Rochelle and I had a fantastic weekend - thank you so much!"
Pauline Litherland, October 3 Day Clinic

"It was an awesome clinic! Highly recommended to anyone especially anyone who has lost their confidence or has a green horse etc. Great instructors and great company, well worth the 5 hours drive for us to get there! We will be heading down for the next one in October...thanks guys!
Geraldine Butler,
April 3 Day Clinic

"Another great clinic thanks guys!! Really enjoyed it and such a great place to start with the new horse."
Diane Tetley-Jones, Autumn April 3 Day Clinic

"Another FAB camp. An amazing learning atmosphere and very professional. Both Diana and Greg deal with all aspects of riding and horses. We will be back again for the October camp. Thankyou to you both for all your amazing help and advice."
Kathie Brooks, April 3 Day Clinic

4 year old Warmblood mare.
- Breaking In and Early Mileage at Chester Farm.

"It’s been two weeks since Donna arrived in Auckland after being started under saddle and having early ridden education at Chester Farm. I have to say I could not be more impressed with her – she has not put a foot wrong! I never dreamed I would be riding her only 2 days after she arrived, but it was business as usual and she was straight into her daily routine that was set at Chester Farm.
Having the opportunity to work with Donna and Diana before she came home was invaluable – seeing the work she was doing and then replicating the exercises at home gave us both confidence in knowing exactly what we were doing.
Since Donna has been home we have been out hacking (the scary bridge is no problem for Donna after long reining and riding across the bridge at Chester Farm), schooled in the dressage arena and trotted around the show jumps (again not scary at all after working in the big arena at Chester Farm) – all without stress or drama.
Diana, Greg and Mark have produced a sensible and sensitive horse for me, I love that I can put my leg on and give her a kick if need be (she does get tired!), and that Donna has been encouraged to be light and responsive.
The best thing about Chester Farm is the horses are allowed to be individuals – they are never rushed along any of the steps, everything is taken at the horse’s pace and because of this when confronted with tougher situations later in the process, the horse has the understanding and confidence to work through them.

I can’t wait to bring Donna back for a camp, having holidays at Chester Farm is going to be part of our summers from now on!"

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson riding her mare Donna at home after breaking in and early mileage at Chester Farm.
4 year old TB/Clydie mare from Auckland.
- Breaking In and Early Mileage at Chester Farm.

"I sent my 4 year old clydie cross mare Tilly to Chester Farm to be started as I had heard good things about their methods and had met Diana & Greg briefly and liked their practical approach to horses. I was not disappointed. Tilly, a totally blank canvas with little confidence in herself has been transformed into a confident and willing riding partner.
As an older rider I required patience and understanding starting with a new young horse, and this I got. I drove down to the farm twice a week and worked with Tilly on the ground and gained the confidence with Diana and Greg's guidance to ride Tilly and spent time hacking out and forming a partnership with my new horse.
I cannot praise their methods highly enough and have realised every horse is an individual to them and started with this in mind. Not all react the same or take the same length of time to start. The exposure to round pen, arena, country roads, rivers and hills gave Tilly a great start to her education and I must say she is fazed by little.
Thank you once again Diana and Greg for a fantastic job. Tilly will be back for her jumping education next year."
Bronwyn Taylor

Bronwyn Taylor and Tilly
Bronwyn and Tilly enjoy a ride out together at Chester Farm before going home.
4 year old crossbred pony gelding from Pokeno.
- 5 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Breaking In.
- 2 weeks Introduction to Jumping Training
- Attendance at one of our 3 Day Riding Clinics with owner.

"Hi Greg and Diana,
I thought I would write to let you know how Luey has gone since you last saw him. He has been sold successfully to a 12 year old boy down in Wanganui who thinks he is awesome. This would not have happened without the great grounding he had under your hands.
After one attempt at trying to teach Luey to lunge I made the wise decision to send Luey to a trainer. Luckily for me I choose you guys at Chester Farm, the best decision I made.
I didn't know what to expect given this was the first horse that I have had broken in, but your skill, attitude and professionalism (including regularly keeping me up to date with his progress) made the whole process so easy.
Five weeks later after dropping off Luey I returned to pick up a pony who had matured and was very rideable. I took him home and as a result of me working full time I was unable to ride every day but I believe that the work that he received while at Chester Farms enabled me to only have to ride him every so often.
I was so pleased with your work that there was no question on who I would send him to when he was ready to start his jump training. The two weeks jump training happened to fit in well with one of your 3 day training clinics and camps. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting their horse to get some jump training to follow it up with some jump lessons at your training clinics, this means the horse gets a great grounding with yourselves (as you know all the tricks of getting the most out of jumping a horse) and then having lessons and having your inside knowledge on how to work through any issues is a great benefit.
I would thoroughly recommend your services to anyone and I have been recommending you to all my friends. I will be sending my new hunter for some jump training and later on my foal when she is ready to be broken in.
Thanks again."
Melaney Kuper

Luey longreining April 2011
Luey during his breaking in time at Chester Farm

Melaney Kuper and Luey during ourr April 2012 3 Day Riding Clinic
Luey and Melaney attending our 3 Day Riding Clinic at Chester Farm

4 year old Warmblood/TB mare from Tauranga.
6 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Breaking In.

"Hi Greg and Diana
I just wanted to thank you very much for the work you did with Diva. She came home a very relaxed horse and a pleasure to handle. We really appreciated the way you considered her old injury, kept an eye on her in the paddock, and adjusted her work to suit how she was coping with the various activities. Also the updates on her progress were excellent – especially the trouble you went to to send through so many photos. They were eagerly perused several times.
It will be interesting to see how Diva progresses and we hope we can report back some time in the future with some good news."
Susan and Kirsten Laurence

Diva at Chester Farm

4 year old Palamino mare from Auckland.
5 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Breaking In.

"Hi Diana and Greg
It's been about a month since Gemma has been back home now. Although I havent been able to ride as often as I would like to, the good foundations she achieved with you has really paid off she has been an absolute pleasure to handle and ride. Up until yesterday we've just been riding out in the paddock and up and down the driveway. Yesterday we went out for a road ride with one of the other girls I graze with. Gemma has never been on or near the road before so I was a little nervous to see how she would be, so I led her down the main road just to be safe but we had no troubles when cars went past, I then hopped on and was so proud of her, she took everything in her stride, walked forward nicely and didn't do anything silly. Even the older horse we were riding with who had been up this road many times had a big spook and nearly fell over, Gemma calmly walked over the 'monster new tarseal' just snorting but was very good. She didn't worry about horses running with us as we trotted past or any cars or letterboxes. She did nothing more than have a look at funny looking things so I'm very proud of her.
I'm really looking forward to getting out and about with her. Thanks again for the work you have done with her, she really has some good foundations to work from."
Sophie Hall

Sophie Hall riding Gemma
Sophie Hall riding Gemma
Sophie's first ride on Gemma at Chester Farm before taking her home
4 year old Anglo-Arab Gelding from Te Puke.
8 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Breaking In & Early Mileage
"We are so happy with Aspa. He has been trekked out half a dozen times since coming home. He has been absolutely perfect. We have him in a bitless bridle and he is so responsive. We just put the saddle on, walk him around a bit, hop on and off we go. Thanks for the great job you did with him"
Brian and Andrea Mends
Te Puke


"Aspa" hacking out at Chester Farm

5 year old Riding Pony Gelding from Katikati.
8 weeks stay at Chester Farm for General Schooling

Hi Greg and Diana,
We would like to thank you so much for the work you did on Tommy for us, if it wasnt for the work you did with him I would doubt he would still be here today.
When Tommy arrived at our place he was a 13.2hh 5yr old self opinionated pony, he could walk and trot well, but his ground manners were terrible and his canter was just not happening. The first few weeks we owned him he knocked our son over twice in the paddock, was hard to cover, uncover and handle, this finally came right but the canter under saddle didn't.

"Tommy" goes hacking out at Chester Farm

He was brought for our daughter and she rode him 3 times to be bucked off 3 times, the last time she quit riding and we had to decide whether to keep him or shoot him! We decided to keep trying and over time his walk, trot and manners became much better, but he still couldn't canter a full circle, canter up hill or canter in a straight line without having a full-on bucking fit... so after much thought we decided to give him a last chance and send him away for training. We decided on Chester Farm as it is farm based and we knew he would get a variety of work and be well cared for.
This was the best decision we have ever made, over the 2 months he was there he became a pony who was very user friendly. When we went to pick Tommy up we were pleasantly surprised to find his ground manners were now really great. He then went into the round pen and cantered under saddle on each rein without any problem and had been out all around the farm so we knew we could continue.
When he came home I was slightly worried if he could possibly continue to be so good, but he has been! My son rides him and has shown him to win ribbons in good company in Open Pony and Paced and Mannered classes. My daughter who gave up riding is now on another pony and will go onto Tommy next season and she is now cantering him and jumping him no problems at all. I can now even put total novices on him and he just plods along at their level - I am so pleased! Tommy was so close to departing us as we had tried to get him right for 7 months. He's been home now for 3 months and he's now a pony that I can now send my kids on for a ride around the farm by themselves, cantering and having fun, knowing they are safe.
To anyone who has a horse that they need help with and don't know what to do with it, I would totally recommend Greg and Diana to help out. They also gave me great advice on what to do with him when I got him home and we have continued with their advice, plus I also know if I have a problem with him anytime I can phone up and get help.
Karen Eagle
January 2011

11 year old Thoroughbred Gelding from Taupo.
2 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Bringing Back Into Work & Float Training

"Hi Greg and Diana,
Just thought I would send you a quick update on Teddy's progress over the last week. He settled back in very happily and has been working quietly and well, not a hoof out of place. Yesterday I took him to the Equestrian Centre with my other horse. He loaded straight up but was a bit tense. At the centre I put him in a yard, then tacked him up for a lunge and look round. He was brave, working at his 900mph level, but no major issues, brilliant considering he was in the middle of a wide open space and everything was new. He was happy to wander round and look at all the scarey fences and ditches.

Teddy at Chester Farm
"Teddy" at work at Chester Farm

Loading up he went straight in and stood quietly while we put his mate in, so a big improvement there. When we unloaded at this end he was cool, calm and (deservedly) very pleased with himself. Will go back again in a few days. In three weeks time there is a small dressage show and I thought I would take him to that just for a look see as by then the grounds will be familiar to him. I am really pleased with him.
You are most welcome to refer anyone to me who wants to speak to someone who has experienced the Chester Farm methods. I would certainly give you a glowing reference as apart from doing a great job you also take an interest in what is planned for the horse, and offer ongoing back up.
Once again a huge thank you to you both."
Alison Peacock

3 year old Stationbred Filly from Whitianga
2 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Starting Under Saddle & Early Mileage

"Hi guys,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Raine is being such a great pony to ride. Today a group of us went for a ride across a farm down onto Hahei beach, we even had a canter for half the length of the beach, and went straight back to a long rein & low head carriage. I am so very pleased with her and would like to thankyou again for the great work you did with her. (Daughter)
Grace also went for a long ride last Friday on her with 1 of her friends, with me just walking along with a loose rope connecting us, never causing a problem. Hope all is well."
Kaye Jackson

"Hi again, Grace had a lovely ride on Raine round the paddock yesterday, they went really well together. Pretty good for only 4 weeks under saddle. Cheers!"
Kaye Jackson

Grace riding Raine
Above & Below: Grace riding Raine at home after just 4 weeks under saddle.
Grace riding Raine

3 year old Warmblood Gelding (by Ramirez) from Nelson
9 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Starting Under Saddle & Early Mileage

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Diana and Greg when I sent my 3 year old warmblood gelding to them to be started under saddle. The care he received was excellent, they treated him like he was one of their own. They took the time with him to make sure that he understood and that he was happy before progressing on. Since he has been home he has not put a foot wrong both on the ground and under saddle. I would not hesitate to recommend Diana and Greg to start or train any horse."
Laurie Arnold

Ronnie's first ride at Chester Farm
Ronnie's first ride in round yard at Chester Farm

3 year old Warmblood Gelding (by Furst Jupp) from Auckland
9 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Starting Under Saddle

"I really want to say what a great job I think you've done with Joseph. He settled straight away - absolutely no nonsense and very happy. He has continued in that way and has been a pleasure to handle, lunge and ride. I have not put any pressure on him and done very small amounts with him, as instructed!, but I really think he enjoys doing stuff on a reasonably regular basis. I have taken him out in the truck to our local pony club a good few times and he has just been great. The first few times, just to stand and eat hay at the truck, then I lunged him there, and just yesterday, I rode him around. Absolutely no problems and takes everything in his (very BIG) stride. I feel very confident with him, both on the ground and when riding him, so thank you - I'm very happy!! I will keep in touch."
Hazel Thompson

Joseph riding out at Chester Farm
"Joseph" riding out at Chester Farm, March 2010
Two x 2 1/2 year old Hanoverian Fillies (by Limonit) from Auckland
6 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Starting Under Saddle
"Hi Greg and Diana, Just want to thank you for the amazing care you have taken of Libby and Ruby, they have come back looking fantastic, they have grown in both mind and body and are just gorgous to be with. Thank you again for all you have done for them."
Gillian Shine
March 2010
"Ruby" at Chester Farm
"Ruby" at Chester Farm, March 2010
5 year old Stationbred Mare from Wanganui.
6 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Schooling and Mileage.
"I have a beautiful young coloured mare called "Rain", aged 5. We don’t do eventing or go to lots of fancy shows, we are just trekkers for now. I am looking at a future of dressage but that is further down the track once we have both been taught. I am not a professional rider and by all means I am still learning, but I love riding and have very good common horse sense. Unfortunately since owning Rain we have had a few hiccups along the way. She was very insecure about getting out by herself, when taking her away from her paddock she would pig root, rear up etc, and you would have to give her a wallop with the whip to tell her to get up, that part I did not like. I would ask myself - why should I have to beat her to go forward? But that's what I had been told by the so called "professionals". Anyway when she was taken out on her own with these professionals they would beat her for being scared and they would say she's just been piggy!! I knew she wasn't being piggy, she just came across some things that scared her and didnt want to go forward so beating her up just frightened her more and it made things worse!! So of course this brought the worst out of Rain which actually started to frighten me!! I would talk to horsey people and some would say, “get rid of the mongrel, shes no good” and “you need to school her and ride her everyday”. Well they all knew I was a novice and I have never schooled a horse in my life, I didn't even know how to do all that circle stuff, all I knew was to get on and ride, basically I was just your average cowgirl!! I knew we needed help, not just the horse but me also!!

"Rain" at Chester Farm
"Rain" at Chester Farm, March 2010

"Rain" at Chester Farm
Tina & "Rain" riding out with Greg at Chester Farm

So I went on the internet and looked up professional schooling for horses and came across a couple of closer ones to my town, but unfortunately they did not ask the right questions for me. Then I found Chester Farm in Paeroa. It's 6 hours from my hometown but I thought 'no harm in ringing and getting the feel of this'. Well, what can I say, it's been the best decision I ever made!!
Rain had only been up there for 2 weeks when I first visited and I couldn't believe the difference in her already - she had been doing lots of groundwork, lunging and basic schooling under saddle and Greg had her responding so nicely to his legs and hands. She was learning how to properly respond to the hand and leg aids which would help her to understand and go forward when asked in different situations.
Rain was at Chester Farm for 6 weeks in total and it is really amazing how far she has come. I couldn't believe how well balanced and responsive she was in the round pen and to see her working properly from her hindquarters was amazing, and she wasn't even opening her mouth to evade the bit! After seeing all this I asked Greg if he could give me some lessons and he was more than happy to, for I felt it was all very well educating the horse but as the rider I needed to be educated as well so that when Rain and I went home we would both be on the same wavelength. I spent a few days riding Rain with Greg's help and I couldnt believe how well Rain and I did together. Our biggest achievement ever was getting out for a ride around Chester Farm by ourselves and taking her away from the other horses without any big dramas!! But best of all was when she wanted to shy at something I only had to put my legs on her and cluck her up and she would keep going forward!! That was also one of the coolest moments! Yay!! Greg educated her well!!
To conclude, Greg has put so much confidence into me and my horse, at home now we are getting out and about on our own, not everything is perfect and Rain still has some other issues that I need to address, but what I like about Chester Farm is that I can ring them anytime for advice. Overall as long as I do my part as a rider and work her most days on the ground and under saddle like Greg showed me, she is mostly a well behaved young horse that I now enjoy getting out and about on. I highly recommend Chester Farm for anyone who has young, problem horses, or for breaking in and schooling etc."
Tina and Rain
April 2010

4yo Warmblood Mare (by Dream Boy) from Auckland.
12 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Early Mileage Under Saddle and Schooling.
"Hello Diana and Greg, I would like to thank you both for the wonderful job you did of schooling Holly my 4 year old filly. She has come back to me with a lovely attitude to her work and has been a very sensible hack, the schooling you gave her has left her responsive, quiet in the hand and made it easy for me to start work with her. She was in lovely condition and very happy in herself. I look forward to sending Holly back to you when I need a break or go on holidays. Thanks again."
Brenda Elliott
February 2010
"Holly" at Chester Farm
Diana and "Holly" schooling at Chester Farm

4yo Warmblood Gelding (by Gym Bello) from Kapiti Coast.
7 1/2 weeks stay at Chester Farm for Starting Under Saddle and Early Mileage.

"To whom it may concern;
I sent my young 4 year old horse "Astek Giovanni" up to Chester Farm in Spring 2009 for 6-8 weeks of training. Gio had been backed in March 2009, then was turned out over winter. I wanted Gio to be trained to a level where he was confidently hacking out, on his own and with others, and going forward and relaxed in walk, trot and canter both in an arena and in the open.
I decided to send Gio up to Chester Farm from where I live on the Kapiti Coast, as I had dealt with Diana Fowler since I purchased Gio from Astek Stud as a weanling and found her to be professional and trustworthy. I could not find a similar factility for a young horse in my area. Greg and Diana have done a wonderful job with training Gio. During his 7 1/2 week stay at Chester Farm I was given weekly updates and photos, and spoke with them on the phone a number of times. Since I could not get to Chester Farm myself to ride Gio before he returned home, I was sent a DVD of Gio in training, which has been very helpful.

Gio came back home from Chester Farm looking fantastic! He was beautifully muscled, with a gleaming coat and tail and was a very relaxed and happy horse. I have been very impressed with his level of ground work and training since he has returned home. He is wonderful to ride out on the roads and has loved going out on farm rides which include crossing a stream numerous times. He is a pleasure to handle at the stable. I am looking forward to starting his dressage career in the next few months.
Diana and Greg have also been helpful (via email or phone) since Gio has been home, with suggestions on any typical 'young' horse issues I have had. I highly recommend Chester Farm for the breaking and early training of young Sports Horses and for ongoing training."
Catherine Nichols
Kapiti Coast
February 2010

**News Update May 2010**
Cath and Astek Giovanni have won and placed at their first 3 dressage training days with excellent percentages and judges comments, including winning both of their first Level 1 tests in May 2010. Congratulations!!

**News Update May 2011**
Cath sent Astek Giovanni back to Chester Farm in April/May 2011 to bring back into work after he'd had 9 months off while Cath was pregnant with her second baby. Gio came back into work very well and Diana was thrilled to have the opportunity to ride "her little boy" Gio some more, having bred him! Great to hear Cath is thoroughly enjoying riding Gio again now he is home again.

"Astek Giovanni" at Chester Farm
Astek Giovanni explores the river under saddle

Cath Nichols and Astek Giovanni
Above & Below:
Cath Nichols riding Astek Giovanni May 2010

Cath Nichols and Astek Giovanni

Diana riding Astek Giovanni, May 2011
Diana riding Astek Giovanni at Chester Farm, May 2011

5yo Stationbred Gelding from Otorohanga
6 weeks stay at Chester Farm for General Schooling and Jump Training.
"I took him down to the local pony club grounds at the weekend with a few friends to have a play around. He went very well and loved popping over a few small cross country jumps. It's been like riding a different horse. He's finally found 2nd and 3rd gear and wanting to go and is certainly more confident on his feet. So thanks heaps for getting him where he needed to be and I look forward to playing around with him when the rain stops."
Diane Tetley-Jones
October 2009
"Kosta" at Chester Farm
"Kosta" in jump training at Chester Farm

Other Horses We Have Worked With (very out of date list now but still relevant!)
We have bred, broken in or trained many successful sport horse competition and racing horses including the following horses (to name just a few!):

  • "Astek Geneva" (Mare by Gym Bello out of a TB mare). Schooled, taught to jump and ridden by Greg for Astek Stud throughout her 4 year old competition season with wins and placings at every competition outing from her debut onwards. Competed and sold in North Island on behalf of owner. Now continuing to be very competitive showhunter at National level with owner Trudi Biggar of Auckland, including 4th National Junior Showhunter 2010 and 3rd National 5yo Showhunter 2010.
  • "Gieshaan" (Gelding by Gymnastik Star out of an Anamour mare). Broken in and regular visitor at Chester Farm for ongoing jump training. Talented dressage horse including Reserve Champion Level 2 Auckland Manakau Champs 2009 and Level 2 dressage winner at HOY 2010.
  • "Jupiter Moon" (Gelding Anglo/Arab X) Owned, taught to jump and competed for 2 seasons. Placed 4th and 6th overall for 2 years in a row in National Amateur Series. Since sale has gone to compete with great success including winner of Pony Clubs Team Championship at Horse Of The Year 2010.
  • "Mufasa" (TB Gelding by Pentire). 2009 Thoroughbred Horse Of The Year. Multiple Group 1 winner and placegetter, broken in and pre-trained for trainer Trevor and Stephen McKee before racing career commenced.
  • "Nihon Pillow Karaka" (TB colt by Sir Tristram out of Surround). NZ's first $1 Million yearling ($1.2 Million) Broken in by Greg prior to export to Japan.
  • "Astek Ginsling" (Gelding by Gym Bello out of a TB mare). Bred, broken in and ridden for first 2 months under saddle by Diana before being sold to North Island. Now competing in eventing with Stephanie Liefting with wins and placings at most competition starts to date up to Pre-Novice.
  • "Heza Rockstar" (Stationbred gelding) Schooled and taught to jump before sold to current home. Now very competitive pony up to 1* Grand Prix showjumping level.
  • "Glamour Star" (Gelding by Gymnastik Star out of an Anamour mare). Broken in and early schooling. Very talented dressage horse including Reserve Champion Level 3 Gisborne Championships 2010.
  • "Solvini" (TB Mare by Bertolini). Broken in by Greg. Group 1 placed and Group winning 2 year old, sold to USA.
  • "My Ocean Wave" (Mare by Ramirez out of a TB mare). Jumped and competed by Greg for her first two competition seasons up to 1.20m for owners. Now competing in showjumping with success up to 1* Grand Prix level including North Island 1* Grand Prix Champion 2010.
  • "Astek Giovanni" (Gelding by Gym Bello out of a TB mare). Bred by Diana, sold as weanling and broken in by us as a rising 4 year old. Recent winner of his first Level 1 dressage starts May 2010. (See testimonial above.)
  • "Paint Me Puzzle" (Skewbald gelding). Schooled and taught to jump. Now very competive allround showhunter and showjumping pony.
  • "Vollrath Chagall" (Stallion by Immenhof Castello out of an Anamour mare) Broken in as a 3 year old. Returned to Chester Farm for schooling and jumping training as a 4 year old and competed by Greg for owner throughout his 5 year old season in 2009/10 in showhunter and showjumping with wins and placings up to 1.20m.
  • "Astek Grafitti" (Gelding by Gym Bello out of a TB mare). Bred by Diana, sold as weanling. Placed 3rd at first Level 1 dressage competition April 2010 and won both Level 1 starts at second outing May 2010.
  • "Irish Opera" (TB Colt by Stravinsky). Bred by Cambridge Stud. Sold to Trevor and Stephen McKee at Sydney Easter Sale. Broken in by Greg. Group 1 placed.
  • "Summers Bloom" (TB Filly by Sculptured Arch). Broken in and pre-trained. 7 wins.
  • "Stand Tall" (TB Gelding by Zabeel out of Grand Archway mare). $675,000 yearling, broken in and pre-trained.
  • "Accardo" (TB Colt by Elnadim) Broken in and pre-trained. Multiple Group 1 placegetter.
  • "Kingsinga" (TB Gelding by Danasinga). Broken in by Greg. Trained by Richard Collett.
  • "The Sportsman" (TB Gelding by Kilimanjaro). Broken in and pre-trained. Group 3 winner Australia. 11 wins NZ & Australia.


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