Clinics & Riding Lessons Booking Form


  1. Dogs may be allowed to attend. Please contact us before bringing your dogs to check whether this may be possible.
  2. Approved riding helmets must be used at all times while riding at Chester Farm.
  3. No riding or jumping unless supervised by an approved trainer or adult.
  4. Please remove all rubbish and manure from your camping/viewing/yard/picnic areas.
  5. Please respect the owners property and privacy and report any damage if incurred.
  6. All people and horses enter Chester Farm at their own risk. Chester Farm Ltd will take all care but can accept no responsibility for any accident or injury that may occur at anytime.By submitting the booking form, you have read and understood the above rules and are willing to abide by these conditions.


  • Lesson & Clinic Fees (unless otherwise quoted to you by Greg):
    $65 per lesson
  • Camping for Clinic Fees:
    Yards $25 per horse for duration
    $10 per person - riding or non-riding
  • For Clubs or Groups:
    Yards $25 for 1 night, OR $35 for 2 or more nights per horse
    Camping $25 per day per rider, $15 per non-rider per day
  • Lesson Fees for Clubs Staying:
    $55 per rider for group ride
    $70 per private lesson (1 rider only). As available.


    All fees plus GST


A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid with submission of this booking form to confirm your place.
Online Banking Details for direct payment of deposit: 02 0396 0006125 00  Reference: Your name/ clinic.

Remainder of payment to be made upon arrival.
We will confirm total cost including lessons, rider and non-rider camping fees and yard fees via email.

Lessons - select the type/date as required - NOTE; as lessons are progressive over 3 day clinics, please select lessons of the same type, i.e. 3 days jumping, or 3 days flatwork etc.

15 + 8 =


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